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The Healing Journey

This week, I'm sharing a poem that meant to offer you a perspective on what healing looks like and how to embrace the experience.

For the backstory, discussion and reading of this poem, tune in to the podcast episode titled "The Healing Journey" here.

This is Me Healing

A Short Poem on the Painful, Comforting, Confusing (and Beautiful) Journey Towards Healing

When I listen to this song, I think of you

Which makes me feel comfort, sadness and longing.

The comfort makes me want to listen over and over and over

The sadness urges me to change the station

The longing makes me happy when the song finally fades out

All are welcomed here.

Because healing is the result of being a gracious host

Of welcoming the full range of your emotions, giving them a voice, listening to what they have to say, and making them feel at home as they pass through your body

Healing comes from slow experiencing

From sitting in the pain and telling your story

It comes from mourning the dreams of what could have been

Guarding gratitude for what was

And nursing the budding excitement; so small, that you can’t see it- and you can barely feel it. But you can sense that it’s there, and waiting to tell the story of what’s yet to come

Appreciate the layers. Taste all the flavours

Sit in the comfort of knowing that this too shall pass, without wishing the moment away

Because after the storm has passed, you’ll find that the future is bright

… Even though they won’t be in it- I promise you, it’s worth living for.


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