I'm tired of reading long sales pages, and I've got a hunch that you might be too

So I'm cutting all the fluff and getting straight to the good stuff... 

Here's what you need to know about private coaching with me:




Who This is For

I work with adult men and women. 

Some common goals that I work with are: 

  • Increasing confidence 

  • Decreasing stress 

  • Gaining a greater sense of direction and purpose 

  • Feeling happier and more fulfilled 

  • General personal growth and self-discovery


What Are My Qualifications

📚 I am a Master's Candidate

(Master's of Arts in Counselling Psychology


🎯 I am certified in Transformational and Solution Focused Coaching and 


🎓 I hold an honours specialization B.A. Degree in Psychology

What We Do

I share practical frameworks and provide actionable tools to help you with


Through my years of experience, I’ve also acquired a plethora of tools and exercises.

Depending on your specific goals and circumstances, I will select and share the tools that I believe would be most beneficial for you on your journey.

  • Life planning and goal achievement


  • Stress, overwhelm and worry management 

  • Self-esteem and confidence coaching 

  • Emotional wellbeing, self-discovery and growth, and personal fulfillment 

Complimentary Consult

15 Minute Introductory Call 

This is a free mini-coaching session where you and I will work together to help you gain clarity on what you'd like to accomplish and uncover what's been holding you back up to this point.

The Best Life Blueprint

3 Session Coaching Package

Please only purchase the package after we've had a consult call and decided

  • That this is the best fit for you and 

  • The date and time of your first session.