Hi, Nice to Meet You
Here's a bit about me... 

Welcome to Life-Inspired. 

I'm Jenine, and I specialize in helping professionals cope with anxiety. 

I first discovered psychology during my first year at Western University, and it’s pretty safe to say that it was love at first sight. 

I can’t quite put words to it, but there is something that continues to draw me in.

Helping others with psychology is my calling in life. 

And this career allows me to answer that call and live my passion week after week. 


Therapeutic Approach 

I aim to promote healing and personal growth by amplifying your strengths. When working together, I use an integrative approach, with a special focus on Cognitive-Behavioral, Person-Centred, and Strengths-Based modalities.

I recognize the courage it takes to participate in counselling, appreciate the trust clients place in me, and honour the experiences you bring to therapy.


Regardless of the challenge faced or modality used, you will find empathy, respect, patience, and understanding at the root of my approach. 

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Get to Know Me | Game Edition

Two Truths & a Lie 

Here are three fun facts about me. Two true and one made up. Now I want to test your detection skills... Can you guess which two are true and identify the lie?  


I went skydiving while vacationing with family


(Feel free to enter your guess in the contact box below)